White Lilin was launched in late 2021. Our logo consists of a white dove, which is a symbol of peace, love and hope. We convey this message to anyone who purchased our candles.

It's true, we have expanded. Now in our shop You can buy our design candles, aromwaxes and goat's milk soap. We think about sustainability. We are delighted if You return the used candle to receive a new natural soy wax candle with the next order. We love to create and we belive that we can inspire others with our creativity as well. 

Every candle we create is authentic. Some of them is decorated with natural stone, some of them with dried flowers. Some of them are simple in its beauty. Materials we use in the making process are carefully chosen and selected, but most importantly, each candle is created intentionally. Intent of peace, love, hope, light and warmth of the heart.