About White Lilin

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We, White Lilin, are passionate about creating candles and other natural products. We believe that with our creative expression, we can inspire both ourselves and others.

We started our activity at the end of 2021, even though the first ideas about creating candles were swirling in mind much earlier. Candles have always been in our home, they were present in various life situations, in happy and festive moments, in moments of reflection, in a darker days and simply in everyday life.

The bird integrated into the White Lilin logo is like a symbol of the white doe - a symbol of peace, love, harmony, hope, which we want to convey to everyone who buys our candles.

We wish that our candles support people, make them feel more harmonious, happier and cozier, so that they make everyday life festive and special as well. 

Our candles are different, like each of us - some are decorated with a special natural stone, essential oils, some with beautiful flowers or decorations, some are complete by themselves, just as they are. The materials and colors used in the candle making process have been carefully considered and selected. But the most valuable thing - every candle contains a part of our brightness, warmth and all the best wishes for the recipient of the candle.

Happy thoughts with White Lilin candles!

White Lilin candles - candles with soul


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